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      ABOUT US

      Company Profile

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      Lan Su Copyright(c)2018 All Rights Reserved


      Walking tractor

      Mini tiller


      Four-wheel tractor

      Mini  |  Small  |  Medium

      New product 

      Diesel engine

      We can offer return or exchange the goods if didn't

      sold out after one year.

      Sample testing support (small order).

      Our factory has stock and is nearby Qingdao port of China,which can shorten our delivery time. 

      If you have any need in China,please contact us,
      and we are happy to help you.


      For installation and usage,we provide training

      and video for customer.

      Can OEM if you have yourself ideas and requirements.

      Our company specialized in manufacturing agriculture machinery and equipment since 1994.The head office is located in Yantai, the branch is in Weifang, and we have three factories, which have more than 300 workers.Our own professional R&D team had been explored over 10 national patents. 

      Our main products cover seven series,over 30 varieties, including power tiller, walking tractor, tractor,diesel engine(single-cylinder or muti-cylinder),spraying machine, etc.

      Give farmers easy job and happy life.

      JOIN US

      1.Recruiting market researchers

      2.Recruiting partners

      3.Recruiting dealers

      Please click here for details  ? 


      TEL:0086-0535-6010960  0086-18653518997

      E-mail: info@yantailansu.com
      ADD: Room 402,No.462,Youth South Road,Zhifu District,Yantai City,Shandong Province

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